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so i think our team has some hottie boombalotties. because we all know what's really important in baseball.

here is my showcase of my favorite hot dodgers. keep in mind it's kind of hard to find pictures of them NOT playing baseball and those are not always the most flattering.

andre ethier #16, right field

here he is all clean cut, aww. he's been letting it be stubbly lately. what a baby face!

andre's been batting AMAZINGLY WELL lately, and usually hits back to back w manny ramirez so far this season.

andre has a little son (i don't think that's him but not sure) born sept 2008 and a food blog
in the offseason he lives in chandler az!

casey blake #23 (he was #30 last season, i wonder what happened with that) 3rd base

we got casey last season from the indians, and all i can say is THANKS, CLEVELAND. he's cute! and hits well!

he's a midwestern boy from indianola, iowa and attended wichita state univ.

next is CLAYTON KERSHAW, #22, pitcher

hummina hummina. he's like 20 years old. and tall and skinny and a hot little pitcher right now.

he's from dallas texas.

he struck out THIRTEEN BATTERS in 7 innings against sf earlier this month and has a curveball that vin scully calls "public enemy no. 1"


jonathan broxton, pitcher #51

it's hard to find good pictures of pitchers, they are always throwing and making funny faces.
jonathan's kind of a big guy, they call him "big jon", but he has a baby face.

the thing about him, is that he comes in at the end and SAVES US, he has done it so many times. last night was kinda scary when he walked in the tying run and he walked 3 total. but before that he was like 15 strikeouts and 1 walk this season. he is consistent and comes in hard but burns out fast, a perfect closer.

matt kemp #27, center field


he hit a triple last night and it was awesome!!!

he's from MIDWEST CITY!!!! i didn't even know that until doing research for this post! favorite favorite dodger is:

russell martin #55, catcher

russell nathan jeanson coltrane martin jr! he is mixed race and french canadian!

he is so cute!
this season he wears "J. MARTIN" on his jersey, a nod to his mother's maiden name and one of his middle names, jeanson.

he is also a great batter and VERY FAST for a catcher. usually catchers have amazingly muscle-bound thighs and legs and it keeps them from running very fast. but russell steals bases, and has in fact broken the record for stolen bases from a catcher.

he has been romantically linked to alyssa milano.
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