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there is nothing that makes me prouder of this city than dodger games. i say it every time! apparently i need to go to more because i love them so much!

we had excellent seats. better than i've ever had, it was the loge level. which i don't even know how to say. is it loej? lodge? i don't know! but they were great.

i paid 12 dollars for a beer. in a plastic cup. twelve damn dollars. i was like "oh i wanted the $8 beer?" and she was like "you wanna COORS???" and i said ok ok i'll pay. i'll pay your damn 12 dollars for a heineken because i am at dodger stadium and all is right with the world.

it was perfect. we had preferred parking, everything went smoothly. the phillies lost their ten thousandth game last night, so we helped them to 10,001. we saw a home run and a stolen base and some bloopers and 2 double plays. action! we did the wave. it was sunset and the temperature was perfect and everyone was happy and i just love a dodger game.

i called my dad. to tell him about the $12 beer. he is a truck driver and was driving in the texas panhandle. "what are you doin'?" i asked him. "drivin this truck and listening to the dodger game" he said. mama got him satellite radio for the deserted stretches of interstate and they carry all the ball games. "what a coincidence," i told him, "i'm here at dodger stadium!" he had a good laugh at that, we were following the same game. i love my dad so much.

and it's beautiful there, all the hills and trees that surround you. the sunset behind the megatron. and when you leave it dumps you on broadway with a pretty view of downtown. we left in the 7th inning stretch, it was 10-1 and getting late for the kids. getting out was easy. it was pretty much perfect.

think blue :)
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as much as i get frustrated with living here, it was kind of nice being able to go to a dodger game. there's hella team spirit at dodger stadium. i found out the key to avoiding traffic is going way early for batting practice and then leaving in the 7th inning! driving home on the 101 and seeing the hollywood blvd and sunset exits made me all "awww! i live here! cute hollywood!". i am glad isaijah will have memories of going to these games, i am glad he plays baseball. some of the people i have met here are truly incredible. and i do so love my job and the people i have gotten to work with. california has been good to me, i need to stop knocking it so much.

i ate so much crap at the game. it was like throwback to seventh grade sleepovers with the cool ranch doritoes and the fudge sticks! and the coke and garlic fries from gordon beirsch. (six! dollars!) i feel a little sick. i never got to take that bath, i think i will go soak in the tub with barbara k now.


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