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omg i am loving john steinbeck. love!!

i'm reading the grapes of wrath, and i'm just so proud. i'm amazed at how accurately and genuinely he portrays the people from oklahoma, it's like he KNOWS. i am in shock that he didn't grow up in mcalester with the familiar way he writes about the land and the people.

and going west. as a concept. as a dream. as an escape. the route west! i have travelled so much of the american west, most of it being between ca and ok. i know the very route he discusses, i've been on that same road in those same towns. i felt the same way when i first saw the grapevine, it was all golden and misty and picturesque and spread out in front of me. making me feel totally humble.

also i have always been interested in "city planning" and the phenomenon of small encampments popping up. the laws of man that naturally come up when living together. camp near water, don't foul near the campsite. he describes this in full and i was so excited reading it, i've made the same observations and he puts into words the very thoughts i've had before. but perfectly and eloquently, in a way i never could.

so i've read east of eden (which was very good and was his favorite of his own work) and the pearl and of mice and men and now grapes of wrath.

oh, and also he wrote about the sea of cortez! (HELLO!!!! it's my favorite place on earth!!!!) so i will be reading that next of course. and i want to read cannery row and tortilla flat. he was also a war correspondent! and a college dropout! love!!!!!

and i want to plan a trip to go to salinas and see his childhood home. i remember driving through that area and wondering if the great golden hills would ever end, they stretch forever. i want to see that again.

oh, i just love him!!! i haven't been this excited about an author in a long time. i just love everything about him.


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