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i went to the devendra show last night at the orpheum.

it was sooooo good. it will probably rate as one of the best shows i've ever seen. i'm still reeling.


devendra's purple suit with red suspenders
they played MY FAVORITE VETIVER SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
gabriel garcia bernal came out and sang a song
he invited the entire theater onstage with him and nearly caused a scene. the security was NOT happy and there was no music for like 20 minutes.
he also invited a random girl onstage to perform a song and she was great- classical spanish guitar and soft spanish lyrics. he LOVED her.
they played shabop shalom, long haired child, the samba, lover, carmencita, mama wolf, and so many more. it was awesome.

i was maybe going to hook up w dwessica before the show but it didnt work out so i went alone. it was fine, i saw matt n leah briefly before the show and they walked me down to the venue. after the show dwayne called and since they missed the last train i took them back to the valley.

THE VENUE WAS AMAZING, the orpheum is a GREAT place to see a show. it's the most ornate and beautiful of all the old ornate los angeles theater venues that i've been to.
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michelle and i left from work and took beverly glen over. the theater is in a part of town i like and kinda know. we had wahoo's for dinner and drank a couple of beers on special there. we stopped by matt n leah's before the show. we found parking on la cienega.

the theater is old and ornate and absolutely beautiful, like so many of these los angeles theater venues are. i could have easily brought in my point and shoot, but i didn't want to risk it. we had decent seats in the lowest balcony. i got a shirt, but worried i should have gotten the print instead. it was limited edition of 300 sold at the show, a poster featuring the rose logo made of stars hanging above the observatory with LOS ANGELES written up the side. dangit. i should have gotten the print.

we sat in our seats and waited for awhile, the ticket said the show started at 9pm. he came out at 9:30. they sat in a semicircle: piano, ryan, drummer, guitar, pedal steel. the lights were minimal. here's the setlist i texted myself (it might be wrong, it usually is)

please do not let me go. such a good opener.
blue sky blues- i only know this because i txted myself lyrics and i just googled them. it's from 29, which i don't listen to much.
oh my god, whatever, etc. this was great.
the sun also sets. i thought this was really great too. isn't he not supposed to be playing right now because he has tendonitis? he played some, and just sang some.
blue hotel.
dear chicago! yay! i love anything off demolition.
elizabeth you were born to play that part. another 29 song that i didn't know. apparently i need to listen to that one.
let it ride! i was so excited to hear him play this, and they did an awesome version of it, kind of mellow country. god, it was perfect. this may have been my favorite thing they played.
off broadway. (i don't like this song)
dear john off jcn
ok this one i got some lyrics but i don't know and it's not googling: part of it was "i feel like a body stuffed in a trunk/(something about) all those years of getting drunk"
i taught myself how to love
starlite diner (29 again!)
cold roses! this begins the grateful dead section of our show.
peaceful valley
goodnight rose (total jam out, awesome harmonizing vocals)
this is it!!! that was pretty awesome to hear him play.
goodnight hollywood blvd. he came up front for this and sang w a spotlight, it was awesome.
that was the "closer", which is appropriate for this show, but we wanted encores!
how do you keep love alive
games- i cried. i couldn't help it, big tears rolling down my cheeks. it surprised me, because i've never felt all that connected to that song before. but they were spot.on. something about the perfection of flow was amazing and tear inducing.
a kiss before i go (one shot, one beer, and a kiss)
magnolia mountain extended jam was the last last song.

he was channeling dj reggie and being funny and chatty and cute. he made me laugh out loud a few times, he's adorable and i LOVE HIM. i wanted him to be all "you, in the 42nd row in the balcony! come down here and dance w me like courtney cox on dancin in the dark!" but alas. he did not see me. he was really warm and genuine when he introduced the band, he called them his best friends in the world. aw.

it was so amazing and great and totally worth everything that had to happen/be put into place for that to occur. i'm still floating.
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werd. willie. and ryan. xoxo
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it was the most loving show i had ever been to. i've never been to a concert where THAT many people were singing along. the sound of 18,000 voices singing together gave me chills several times.

eddie played "porch" solo acoustic before sonic youth and then introduced them. they played for 45 minutes and sounded really good. i think they played mostly songs from their new album, i don't know enough sonic youth to really know. i felt bad for them because the venue was empty during their set.

pearl jam came on and here is the set list:
release me
world wide suicide
do the evolution
given to fly
marker in the sand
evenflow with drum solo
wasted reprise ->better man
not for you
my whole life is like a picture on a sunny day (is this a sleater kinney song?)
inside job
life wasted
rearview mirror (extended)
elderly woman
this slow song they play but i don't know the name of "if i keep holding on..somehow.." ryan?
then tim robbins came out and played a song w eddie which i think might have been revape amerika but i'm not sure.
chloe dancer/crown of thorns
*second encore*
last kiss
spin the black circle
why go
big wave
teenage wasteland
yellow ledbetter
mike mccready solo: star spangled banner

it was a great show.
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tomorrow night:

the stevenson ranch davidians
with the parson redheads
cd release party
free show
cheap drinks
the unknown theater
1110 Seward Street, three blocks East of Highland, 50 feet North of Santa Monica Boulevard.
doors open at 10:30

i'll be there. and i think i'm wearing this dress (icon).
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the starlight mints, liz phair and the flaming lips at the hollywood palladium may 31, 2003.

i had never been to the palladium, and i loved it. it was a nice big, wide room with low ceilings that made for a very HOT evening. it is straight out of the 1950s with low and wide steps that lead to the pink and turquoise-tiled bathrooms.

by the time we got in, the starlight mints were playing. these guys are from norman and i recognize them. the singer used to work at the lovelight and i have been to a few beer parties that he was at. the drummer did sound for the mimsies a couple of times. they sounded pretty good, very flaming lips-esque, and they also reminded me of the chainsaw kittens. hardcore norman music, i like that. behind the band was a huge movie screen that played prerecorded "videos" of their songs.

15 excruciating minutes and then liz came out. she is fucking BEAUTIFUL. she used the "wayne cam"- a cool camera mounted on the microphone with an adjustable neck that had effects on it. so her face was broadcast on that screen a few different ways and it was very psychedlic. her set was acoustic, she had a seated guitarist and bassist on either side. she played stratford-on-guy, fuck and run, 2 new songs, the divorce song, johnny feelgood, perfect world and supernova. not in that order. but she was great. i could have listened to two more hours of that, of course. i love her.

then set break and then the flaming lips. this was a very early show, it was 7'oclock when the starlight mints were playing so it was probably only 9pm when the lips came on.

wayne coyne is amazing. he is so sweet and genuine and tries so hard. the whole lips set was very positive and psychedlic. i loved it. they came out, and of course there were many superfans on the sides of the stage in fuzzy animal costumes on either side, including santa, jesus, pink bunnies, dalmations, a chicken and even a couple of little kids in hearing protection and star wars costumes. they also threw these huge balloons out that the crowd bounced around for the entire night. some of them were exercise-ball size and some were huger than that- massive jelly-like blobs. and confetti. wayne stood proudly in the middle in his white suit, looking almost circus ringleader-esque. at the very beginnning, they played carmina burana and the screen said "TONIGHT....YOUR LIFE....WILL CHANGE...FOREVER. TONIGHT....THE WORLD...WILL CHANGE...FOR THE ...BETTER." and i had the feeling that it would. they do a great job of creating atmosphere and a happy enviroment. i don't know the names of a lot of flaming lips songs, but lots of people were dancing and were into them. they had interesting video playing on the screen behind. highlights for me were the songs off the new album that i know, "do you realize?" which took on an even bigger scope last night than it usually does and "yoshimi". wayne said "let's all sing this song together, because one of the greatest things ever is to go to a show where everyone is singing. let's all sing and see if we levitate from pure energy!!" i adored him in that instant. he had won my heart. so the whole fucking LA crowd sang "yoshimi" at the top of their lungs and it was fucking amazing and cool. they also played "she don't use jelly" which i know, too. everyone sang that one, too. he also asked whose birthday it was, and we sang happy birthday to four people, and then wayne praised the crowd.

all in all it was a very cool night. i am proud that wayne coyne is from oklahoma city. he is an alright dude. i met a girl there, too. she was standing next to me and said she liked my outfit so we got to talking. she's a writer for an astrology column and she lives in my neighborhood and she said "let's be friends!!" and got my phone number. i saw chad formerly from the record plant and i also saw phil cobb!! a normanite i used to know back in the day (a friend/roommate of bad jack's). the last time i saw that dude was after a beastie boys show in phoenix. he said he lived here now and i said me too but then i had to keep going or i would lose bryan and les in the sea of people.

i am so glad i got to go and experience all that, i do feel changed. and i was home by 11pm! how cool is that??
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duff mckagan at the viper room.
nothing i could say could even begin to describe last night.
i feel very calm and happy.
seeing duff in person was a dream come true for me.
he was so awesome.
the songs were really good, too.
i was front row center.
i am so grateful and lucky that my first time to see any of the gunners was this.
duff in such an intimate setting, on a comp ticket at the viper room.
i love being on the list.
the only song he played off appetite was it's so easy.
which has been a theme song of mine for awhile.
good choice.
i would have loved a guitar pick or a set list, but that was not to be this time.
i'm just all glowy.
simple pleasures for a simple girl.

saw jeniejenie, but didn't really get a chance to talk. she's very cute and unassuming.
next time, we should try to go somewhat together so we can have drinks together early and all that. john was nice, too! we left rightright after duff because casey was in pain.

ijah and i are going to do our big chore for today: whole foods and trader joes. (groan). never underestimate how EASY it is to go to the grocery store in arizona and oklahoma. big wide streets that lead you straight there, huge parking lots where the only challenge is getting close enough.
i used to drive to whole foods, shop, then drive to tj's in tempe. it was so easy there. i miss that.

apparently there was an earthquake last night while we were driving to the viper room.

*sigh* les isn't around today. she's having a big first day of school. hope she does well.
back to my little life.

i think whatever i need to to keep my little world in order, ya know.
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i'm so glad i went. johnette was lovely. she took my breath away. resplendant. velvet. it's so cool that she plays bass. she IS that feminine bassline, the mother of us all. her voice is so deep and wonderful (i love the altos the best). the rialto was graceful with glass chandeliers and red velvet chairs. mmmm. velvet, the night was thus. i can't get over how she impacted me. she's just so badass up there behind her bass. oh! and the way she praised the audience...she was a little bit sick and having a hard time with hoarseness. but everytime the audience would sing along, she would say during the song "oh, you're so sweet" or "thank you so much, you're beautiful", she was just so genuine. and it meant something coming from her. the crowd really responded and there was alot of love there.
hung out with d. and the other amanda, who was lovely in black lace. all in all, it was a very aesthetically pleasing night. probing the sensual pocket in my brain, coaxing me to feel female and wide-eyed and psychic and beautiful.

go go boots have arrived.

got lost this morning on the way to the school. drove wildy and by instinct over the mountian, too afraid to stop and look at the map. i was by some crazy coincidence right, and came out right at the school, whooping and hollering. ijah clapped for mummy.

it feels good to be busy enough to not be dependent on lj and its contents to get me through the day. it feels good to actually have a life.
for once.
i mean, again.
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that was fun.
the house of blues has a pretty interesting decor. it was richly textured with lots of handmade things. my favorites were these framed wall hangings that were like mosaics made out of costume jewelry stones. they were cool and give me ideas.
cubensis was pretty good, i knew all the songs that they played. ah, grateful dead family. i will always be a part of that love vibe. so much family had so much of an impact on me while i was finishing growing up. but the thing that cubensis made me ache for was bridge road caravan. can't wait to see them play when i go home in march. they are certainly easier on the eyes than cubensis. heh. i just like them cornfed okie boys. slurp.
spending good kid-free time with sam was the best part. i love him so much, and i trust in him with everything i have. i could never imagine not being with sam. he is so much a part of me.

jonathan just came by on his way out of town to say goodbye. he got into a little wreck outside my building. :(:(
it was good to see him again, he is leaving too soon. i got to bore him to death with the photo albums.

off to do (guess what?) laundry.


Jan. 15th, 2002 09:21 am
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am up.
still being quite british.

the big black bodyguard heard us being british and asked where we were from.
we told him gleefully.

michael diamond's still in jail :(:(

saw steve-o. nabbed another kiss to tide me over til next week.
somehow, it wasn't quite as magical this time to see steve-o. maybe i just wasn't drunk enough this time. or maybe i need new and fresh celebrity sightings to keep me going.

at any rate, had a fab-o time with the whole gang (bry, jonathan, les, casey, jeannie, and jeannie's girlfriend) even tho they were a

going to skip club camaro next week and hold out for the 28th. if i hope and pray and the stars line up just right, duff mckagan's loaded will be playing that night.

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oh my fucking god
what a night at the viper room!!!!!

ok, where to start?
saw taime, of course. said hi.

tracii guns came up to jerod during lief garrett's band f8 (i thought it was like "fate" but it's like the keyboard command F8!) and gives jerod a big ol hug. next is bryan and tracii asks who i am, grinning like an idiot.
tracii guns likes my hair!! he said i was cute!!!
we hung out outside and talked to him thru lief's set. for like, half an hour.
where we saw the guys from everclear leave the viper room, hang out a while, then go.

some people said that justin timberlake was there, but i didn't see him.besides, wouldn't he have an entourage?

jerod saw the drummer from red hot chili peppers.

at the end, I MET STEVE-O FROM JACKASS. i kept thinking i knew him from somewhere, and we were jamming out together on metal shop. he thought it was funny i knew the words to poison. FUCKING STEVE-O!!

hell yes.
oh, and the guy from papa roach was there (i don't know who they are tho) and the guy from enuff z'nuff played a song with metal shop! i knew the words to that, too.

i got a pic with tracii. i'll have to post it tomorrow, it's on jrock's cam.

omigod i fucking love LOS ANGELES!!!!

drunken posts rule!!!!!!!!!!!
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la guns at the keyclub.
all kinds of fun. casey and jerod came, too, so we were in fullforce mimsies mode.
made it on the list, breezed right in.
coronas cost 6 dollars there. and upstairs, they pour them into a plastic cup for you. but not bryan, he used his southern charm and got one in a bottle.
jerod just used his southern comfort.
we went down to the swanky bar and jerod introduced me to tracii. i shook his hand. he was busy.
went outside and got interviewed for the la guns dvd they were filming for that night. the lady said i did great. i'm such a camera whore.
la guns came on, finally, and they were phenomenal. blew me away.
they played no mercy, sex action, never enough, one more reason, electric gypsy, ballad of jayne, and rip and tear.
bryan got all redneck on this guy who elbowed his way in front of me and casey. the guy was scared shitless and backed right off. it was too funny, especially since..i mean, come on! it's bryan! he's so laid back.
tracii was amazing. phil was charasmatic. the new bass player was cute.
and we met tracii's girlfriend, and hung out with her after the show for a bit.
we drove home laughing and yelling.

but none of that matters.


cause when i got home, bubba was in the middle of a throwing up marathon. sam had already gone through 2 sets of sheets with him. ijah was awake and ready to hang out with me when i got there. he was not a happy boy. my baby needed me and i wasn't here!!!! sam had to go to work today and was up half the night dealing with ijah!!!
and where was i?
cigarette and corona smelly, some hollywood mama letting her baby just lay at home sick until she comes home at 2:00am.
i feel awful.
i feel like i totally dropped the ball.
where are my priorities????
what the fuck kind of wife and mother am i?
i know all the shit about beating yourself up, i don't want to hear it.
i felt like someone punched me in the stomach when i walked into my apt expecting darkness and sleepbreathing when instead i got puking and lights on.
he seems to be fine now.
i think it was the ice cream on venice beach.
that stuff was just wrong.

so today we are doing bed laundry and watching videos. i even dropped the ball on that. he picked out a thomas video and i grabbed the wrong fucking one. i didn't see until we got home and up 4 floors that it was teenage mutant ninja fucking turtles.

if he's ok, i will work the show tonight. but i feel like shit, and i don't know if i should take him to lake havasu or not. i mean, i know he's over whatever throw-up thing that was, but was this a sign? it feels like it to me, like i better just straighten up and get over my adolescent rock n roll thing.

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we're on the list at the key club!!!!!
la guns!
i'm dying.

had a nice time at venice. dragged uncle b along.
too excited to think.

this calls for thai food, no?
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man. i think i am officailly OD'd on rock n roll.
my ears are ringing.
in some ways i am completely wasted exhausted from going out nearly every night this week. (i don't think it's particularly good for my marriage). but i am glad i did it to excess this first week.
because this way, i got to see the somewhat seedy underbelly of hollywood.

cat club is cool. very very small. smaller than the fucking viper room. the first band had some good eye candy. sort of southern-ish rock n roll boys. very cute.
col. parker went on and they were pretty tight. it was obvious they were making the set up as they went along and sometimes lyrics didn't always get sung, but the drummer (the drummer from the stray cats) was very on and the musicianship was great. (the bass playing was a little sloppy. so i'm a critic).
gilby clarke plays guitar and he is the one that replaced izzy in guns n roses. he was very charismatic and bluesy. i loved his dirty blues. it was good. they had someone named teddy on keys and that was good for the blues thing.
um, dee dee ramone came up and sang a few.
and also lief garrett.

the club is so small, i was practically standing on lief garrett's toes as he sang.
they kept it going until way late (you can do that when the owner of the club is the drummer in the band). we actually left before 2nd set was over because it was getting a little crazy in there and also late.

thanks, bryan!

ok, up next: piccys!!
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goddamn mail server is still down, as well as my site. going to have to start spamming support. goddamnit.

mimsies rocked, per usuale.
i love all the new stuff, especially dirty. it's very gyra-tious.
casey embarrased me fully with introductions from the stage. but she gave me the most AWESOME necklace that she made!! does her talent ever end????
i love being the merchandise whore.
thinking about going to lake havasu with them.
if i can get a babysitter in phoenix (hint hint!!)

to do list for todday:
go to trader joe's, buy them out of everything since WE HAVE A FRIDGE. yessss.
go to show id (i HATE things being on my todo list for 3 days in a row!!!)
figure out something to do with catbox since it rained last night (ewwww)
go to sherman oaks to take bryan les and casey some boxes and tea
go to swanky jewelry party with casey and les
transfer books email to hotmail
spam ireg support

met a girl last night whose mom and grandma are from the same impossibly tiny town in oklahoma my mom and grandma are from. bryan wasn't kidding when he said the only place smaller than norman is hollywood.

can't wait for pretty ugly club next wednesday!!!!!!
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i am connected, hear me roar.
miss me?

big ups to [ profile] bryanbreakfast. (that fool needs to update his lj! everyone go there now and leave a comment asking him to update.) he took me to the viper room last night!
we were on THE LIST.
but wait, it doesn't end there.
he introduced me to TAIME DOWNE.
but wait, wait wait.

taime was totally nice to me, asking me where i lived and where i moved here from. he was actually the first person to say "Welcome to LA". and he gave me a flyer.
and wait.

so we saw metal shop, the band that was danger kitty in the discover card commercial. they were hilarious. it was like comedy and covers of metal classics.

so when it was time to leave, i said good bye to taime and he said "See you around i hope" and gave me a kiss on the cheek!!!!
(that's what you were waiting for)

OH MY GOD!!!!!

i got the ohmygods.

bryan wants to OD me on rock n rol this week and i'm a willing customer.
next event:
the mimsies at goldfingers in hollywood!!!!

i missed all of you beautiful ljers. i just want to eat you all up!!!!
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guess i should linkity link my journal so people on friends pages know what the hell i'm talking about.

go look at my journal now!
and then comment on what a good job xevinx did!
but do it on my journal cause i'm a comment whore.

miss me?
anyone notice i've been in the land of the unplugged????

maybe monday we'll call around about cable, and then who knows how long after that. we still have to get a phone (december) and a refrigerator, too.
just rolled into tucson from the u2 concert. which i must say, was disappointing. maybe it came too close on the heels of my excellent life-changing jane's addiction show, but sam said it was kind of the same for him.

the things i loved:
the heart shaped stage
the u2 singalongness of it. he let the crowd sing a lot, and almost everyone was singing throughout the entire show. i'm hoarse.
sunday bloody sunday fucking rocked.

the things i didn't:
the sound sucked. sucked.maybe it was where we were sitting, but it was muddy and horrible. if you didn't know the words to the songs, you were ass out,becasue there was no way you could actually hear what bono was singing. i was so disappointed because the last show i saw at america west (beastie boys hello nasty tour) was awesome and the sound was great. and, (and i never say this, being an orchestra snob and all) it wasn't loud enough!! can you believe it? eighty five dolalrs a ticket and i couldn't hear shit.
the war thing. yeah, i know they are u2 and they have to sing about the war, but they did like 3 or 4 songs dedicated to that with a screen with everyone's names and stuff.

but i am realizing as i type this that you probably know all that. because it was on tv. anyone see it?

in other news, i love my apartment. i can't walk around in it yet, but i love it. it's tiny, but i love it! i love the area of town we live in. i can walk to trader joes, people! this is a revolution!!! and i don't care if it's a stereotype, i swear there are many beautiful people out there. so many. and they're nice!! ya know, in traffic in la, everyone's an asshole, yeah. but on the street, people always talk to me and ijah and everyone is very friendly. i took it upon myself to smile at everyone i can during the day. i thought la needed it. so maybe that's why, but so far i love it!!
and the food....mmmmm.
erowhen salad bar gets a thumbs up for quick and close and nuuuutritious.
next to try: india's oven on beverly!
(....did i say i was cooking in?)

anyway, you gotta give me lots of extra lj love cause i'm offline for awhile and i need my inbox not to remain empty for DAYS.

had a nice drive to tucson with sam, laughing and getting silly.
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oh, how do i begin?

i had the most amzing night last night.
jane's addiction fucking rocks my world. they are so much a part of me, i have been listening to them forever. and there's just no other band like them. perry is so good about breaking down boundries and blurring lines of all kinds.
i'm sure the people around me were entertained by my dancing. i really let everything go. it was beautiful. and then, they played an acoustic set and they moved to the center of the crowd. i don't quite know what happened, but i was propelled forward. i felt sam gently pushing me behind and i didn't stop until i was in the second row. it was so intense to be that close to them. perry's eyes are so amazingly blue and david navarro is an intense motherfucker. i loved the bassplayer, he is the soul of jane's with all those awesome basslines.
there were girls on the big stage. they were like circ de soliel girls with big feather headresses, riding slowly up and down on a huge seesaw. so sensual. i think i would be happy forever if i could be one of those girls, giving myself to the music every night behind jane's addiction.

it was hands down the best show ever. EVER. oh my god, i have loved them for so long and it was just amazing. thank you thankyou thankyou.

and i really connected with sam, too. we really had a lot of heart to hearts and got a lot of shit out that we needed to talk about. and i love him truly.

big ups to o and k for watching the kid so we could go. you rock.


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