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Jan. 30th, 2008 12:03 pm
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tonight i get to see my honey baby ryan adams play. i'm so so so excited. i saw him in july and it was fabulous. i love the new record (easy tiger).

ryan is publically trying to stay sober. he has a youtube channel where he records all these videos lately. they are strange and wonderful, and give such insight into his mind and heart. he is so honest and raw and beautiful. his youtube name is HORION74.

i love him because he is so prolific. i love him because he is a perfect hybrid mix of country and rock n roll. just like me.

he's playing royce hall at ucla tonight. he's playing with the cardinals, his band and his best friends in the world.

i'm going with jonathan. i'm wearing a new dress. i'm excited and thrilled and butterflies in my tummy.
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ok i'm still on about this song. i posted it over at vox. just go listen, you can push play and listen to the whole thing. open it in a new tab and bond with me about ryan adams. listen while you read your friends list.

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michelle and i left from work and took beverly glen over. the theater is in a part of town i like and kinda know. we had wahoo's for dinner and drank a couple of beers on special there. we stopped by matt n leah's before the show. we found parking on la cienega.

the theater is old and ornate and absolutely beautiful, like so many of these los angeles theater venues are. i could have easily brought in my point and shoot, but i didn't want to risk it. we had decent seats in the lowest balcony. i got a shirt, but worried i should have gotten the print instead. it was limited edition of 300 sold at the show, a poster featuring the rose logo made of stars hanging above the observatory with LOS ANGELES written up the side. dangit. i should have gotten the print.

we sat in our seats and waited for awhile, the ticket said the show started at 9pm. he came out at 9:30. they sat in a semicircle: piano, ryan, drummer, guitar, pedal steel. the lights were minimal. here's the setlist i texted myself (it might be wrong, it usually is)

please do not let me go. such a good opener.
blue sky blues- i only know this because i txted myself lyrics and i just googled them. it's from 29, which i don't listen to much.
oh my god, whatever, etc. this was great.
the sun also sets. i thought this was really great too. isn't he not supposed to be playing right now because he has tendonitis? he played some, and just sang some.
blue hotel.
dear chicago! yay! i love anything off demolition.
elizabeth you were born to play that part. another 29 song that i didn't know. apparently i need to listen to that one.
let it ride! i was so excited to hear him play this, and they did an awesome version of it, kind of mellow country. god, it was perfect. this may have been my favorite thing they played.
off broadway. (i don't like this song)
dear john off jcn
ok this one i got some lyrics but i don't know and it's not googling: part of it was "i feel like a body stuffed in a trunk/(something about) all those years of getting drunk"
i taught myself how to love
starlite diner (29 again!)
cold roses! this begins the grateful dead section of our show.
peaceful valley
goodnight rose (total jam out, awesome harmonizing vocals)
this is it!!! that was pretty awesome to hear him play.
goodnight hollywood blvd. he came up front for this and sang w a spotlight, it was awesome.
that was the "closer", which is appropriate for this show, but we wanted encores!
how do you keep love alive
games- i cried. i couldn't help it, big tears rolling down my cheeks. it surprised me, because i've never felt all that connected to that song before. but they were spot.on. something about the perfection of flow was amazing and tear inducing.
a kiss before i go (one shot, one beer, and a kiss)
magnolia mountain extended jam was the last last song.

he was channeling dj reggie and being funny and chatty and cute. he made me laugh out loud a few times, he's adorable and i LOVE HIM. i wanted him to be all "you, in the 42nd row in the balcony! come down here and dance w me like courtney cox on dancin in the dark!" but alas. he did not see me. he was really warm and genuine when he introduced the band, he called them his best friends in the world. aw.

it was so amazing and great and totally worth everything that had to happen/be put into place for that to occur. i'm still floating.
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i am falling in love with jacksonville city nights in a way that i never have before.


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