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madison and the blanket i made for her.

lindsay! isn't she pretty?


Jun. 12th, 2006 07:24 pm
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i am back.

i had an amazing weekend. here are some pictures off ryan's camera.


awwww. two of my favorite boys. in their fly oddica shirts!!!



Jan. 31st, 2006 04:55 pm
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this is the year that my contempories and i turn 30. this is a big year.

how do i even begin to write about my best friend? well, i have laid out the groundwork here before. that first one i wrote before i ever found him again.

this year is even more special than years past, because just one year ago things were different. ryan was in his 20s, single, and not quite yet a daddy. now he is 30, married, and has the most beautiful baby girl named madison. i would say this has all been an UPGRADE :)

waxing poetic )

ryan lee

Jan. 31st, 2002 02:32 pm
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when i was in seventh grade, i met this cool guy. his name was ryan. we instantly became close. mostly we talked on the phone at first. eventually we started going to movies and record stores together. he called me to complain about his girlfriend. we rented thousands of movies. all the movies i have ever seen? thank ryan. otherwise i would still be at under 10 for my grand lifelong movie total.
ryan had strawberry brown hair and freckles. he was cute. he smoked. marlboro lights.
he moved to my neighborhood at the beginning of ninth grade. when he got his first car, a suzuki samurai, he gave me a ride. he flew down the hill so fast and my dad was watching. he got yelled at. he used to take me to school when he was in high school and i was still in junior high so i wouldn't have to ride the bus. he critiqued my boyfriends. by high school, my parents were so used to ryan as a fixture in my life that they trusted me to spend most of a night over there. we would stay up watching movies and saturday night live and mtv. ryan had a great dane. ryan smoked me out for the frist time. many of my weekends in high school were spent driving around with him smoking joints or not and eating curly fries and drinking vanilla dr peppers at la bauguette.
after i graduated from high school, i was living in an apartment by myself during the second semester of college. there was something unsettling about the apartment and i never could put my fingert on what it was. i asked ryan to move in. he did, and slept on a palette in the corner of my room.
instant security.
i loved him.

ryan and i lost touch somehow. sometime after we stopped being roommates, i didn't talk to him much. i hate to think that living together drove us apart, because i have happy memories of us at that apartment, but i guess when we moved out was right around when we stopped talking.
i still think about him.
i looked him up after i had the baby. i brought the whole famdamily over to see him. he was living on paseo. but everyone was there so it was kind of hard to talk. he seemed glad to hear from me, though.

anyway, today is his birthday. when i was heavily pregnant i was so sure ijah was going to be born on jan 31. because it is ryan's birthday and also because it is a full moon.

ryan was my first aquarius and my first boybestfriend and i miss him and love him.

happy birthday, ry.
wherever you are.


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