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i was lucky enough to hear about a premiere of "immagine in cornice" (picture in a frame)- a pearl jam movie that was taking place in van nuys last night.

i have seen "touring band 2000" and it has always stood out to me as an amazing piece of musical dvd work. i felt that it truly captured the band and the tour. somehow, they did it again with this one.

the film documents the band's travels through italy in 2006. as they say from the beginning, italian fans are PASSIONATE. but it's not only italian fans, people travelled from all over europe and all over the world to see pearl jam in italy.

the music sequences were high energy and wellshot. they totally captured the band's charisma and showed glimpses of each band member's personality onstage. they are all visually stunning, you know how eddie's blue eyes sparkle (sigh), and i fell in love w jeff amendt from watching this film.

the best parts of the film were between the performances. it showed band members walking through historic italian castles, playing organs, skateboarding, playing impromptu acoustic concerts in the street. it showed eddie with his daughter and eddie trying to come up with set lists. in every town, eddie made the effort to say something in italian. it was so sweet.

it was a magical presentation and i'm so glad i got to see it on the big screen.


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