Dec. 20th, 2007 11:42 pm
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got some shit uploaded finally. more over at teh flickr.

just your everyday run of the mill ceramic male armor by nicole moan

jason and baby estrella, third in a series of little blond girls.

jen and bj at the holiday pot luck (with any luck, they'll be some...)

fuckin hippies.

serious gingerbread demolition

before the carnage:


Dec. 20th, 2007 04:25 pm
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posting for deb. here is the granny square afghan. there is no pattern or counting, you just granny square.

start with a chain of 10 and pull it into a loop. then double crochet 3 stitches, looping under the loop. like, you don't go into any stitches, it's really easy. chain 3 and then double crochet 3 again. do this until you have 4 sets of 3. then the second row: since all spaces are corners, it's kind of weird. you have to always do 2 sets of three in the corners, that's how you turn the corner and make a 90 degree angle. so the second row is all 2 sets of three. then the third row (ps you have to turn the whole thing over each time you start a new row), you do a set of three in each space and 2 sets of three in the corners. repeat ad infinitum. i'm probably not making much sense, it's one of those things you have to show people.

here it is w my foot for scale:

here is an example of the ice storm devastation around oklahoma city:

and here is my mom's new kitten:
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happy birthday to one of my most cherished woman friends.

jen, i love you! you are a strong mama and wife and awesome historic archivist. i can't wait to see you when i come home (christmas i think)!

here is a recent picture of jen (left) and amber at the MONT! aw, norman!!! take care of my best girls!

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sunday i went to lunch with aaron.

my highschool sweetheart...awwww. we are still friends. that is nice.

isaijah reads the adventures of super good powwers to aaron and lindsy.

more friends and SNOW under here )
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saturday night i went to jen's and hung out. amber and talia came over.

me and jen went to get thai food.

pretty profile

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crazy. oklahoma is so crazy and intense. maybe it's just me.
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i had the best motherfucking time friday night.

rampage studios!!!!

me and jasonaksel

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i can't even tell you what a wonderful time i had last night.

first and most importantly, i was reunited with [ profile] burningcandles after six years. i think i could ride in his car drinking vanilla dr peppers and talking about music for a month and a half. i met my goddaughter, madison olivia!!! she is a beautiful, smart, and amazing grunty baby girl.

jasonaksel, one of my dear friends (that doesn't even begin to describe my feelings for him but it will have to do for now), and his wife nicole have an art studio up in the city where they have been hosting free events. last night was a poetry reading and 3 bands played. i got to see jasonaksel and his lovely family, his daughters were running around gleefully. erika and jay came. gray lang came! and jenna and james were there. turns out one of sam's friends sheridan was there because he was in one of the bands called tall cotton.

well, the unexpected thing was that the music was absolutely delightful. the first guy was the opener, and the second guy was unexpectedly musical and downhome- he is called the bloody mule. then tall cotton played- banjo, guitar, mandolin, and standup bass. they played two full long sets of fucking bluegrass and by the end of the second set i was onstage singing with them! any kind of night where i sing on a stage is a good night for me. i called sam after the band played and he got to talk to sheridan, who he loves. ryan hit it off with jay and we all got to hang out in the executive lounge upstairs. jenna gave me a pot she threw that was made of oklahoma clay that she mined. i came home with a heart so full of love that i thought it was going to explode.

i called my dad, who was driving a truck to kansas city and was glad to hear from me at 1:30AM, and told him i sang with a bluegrass band. then i laid in my bed and sent love to everyone i could think of.


and i get to do it all again in norman tonight. i am blessed and loved and i can never, ever forget that.
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i call it "jen-gerbread!"

she is amazing. she does it every year.
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the cloud cover and the light pollution combine to make the night sky a sickly yellowish gray tonight. if i lay still i can hear: an airplane, a dog barking, the band practicing across the street, the splash of passing cars. a train in the distance sometimes.

remember climbing to the top of the watertower and watching the stars circle around?
sitting on the dock at the lake and throwing stones in? wondering out loud where our lives would take us, sneaking to the top of the tallest building in town to smoke cigarettes and dance to our boombox in the middle of the night?

i miss stealing away, i miss quiet nights of nothingness.

i miss nothing but trees on the left and the right, only seeing as far as my headlight beams illuminate. the road to mustang.

when i was young i longed to escape oklahoma, its vast nothingness, its wide open space pressing against me so i could hardly breathe. now i live on the west coast, people all around me, sights and smells and textures so rich and copious i am overloaded. life has been good to me. i have had nothing but a dream, a car, and 30 bucks. i have had an apartment with a view of the asahi building. but it's there, always elusive, that place just around the corner, the place i would rather be. right now it's home.

right now i want quiet, real quiet, and space.
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well i didn't really get to see enough of whitney. but it's never enough. other than that the night was PERFECT!!! we gathered at erika's, and amber had made a KEY LIME PIE! this is mostly what the night was, all of us piled on the couch playing "remember when"

that's whitney ([ profile] redmagnetic), jenny ([ profile] rubyjenny), jen ([ profile] ashantae), me, amber (non lj user!) and erika ([ profile] gingit). i think it's fair to say we're the hottest group of women you're going to be seeing tonight.

here's jen in her rockin raincoat smoking on erika's stoop:

so we get to the show, and the ills and 2bass3 are a long way from playing. we hung out for a bit, and at one point we decided to check out the karaoke bar across the street. we were in there for 2.5 seconds because a.) it was waaay to smoky for my sickass to be in there and b.) this woman was singing a song apparently titled "horny too long" pretty far off key. she asked the crowd during the interlude "have any of ya'll out there been horny too long?"
we died. and to commemorate the experience i made jen and jenny pose for a blurry, nt great photograph. but i still think it rocks.

we never did get to see the ills play. we left near midnight because whitney's baby was crying for her at home and i was staring to nosedive. i was really sick, but i had a great time.

another cool thing was that i met and rapped with alan from the starlight mints for a long time. he is really cool.

that's it! i love coming home and going out!!!


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