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duff mckagan at the viper room.
nothing i could say could even begin to describe last night.
i feel very calm and happy.
seeing duff in person was a dream come true for me.
he was so awesome.
the songs were really good, too.
i was front row center.
i am so grateful and lucky that my first time to see any of the gunners was this.
duff in such an intimate setting, on a comp ticket at the viper room.
i love being on the list.
the only song he played off appetite was it's so easy.
which has been a theme song of mine for awhile.
good choice.
i would have loved a guitar pick or a set list, but that was not to be this time.
i'm just all glowy.
simple pleasures for a simple girl.

saw jeniejenie, but didn't really get a chance to talk. she's very cute and unassuming.
next time, we should try to go somewhat together so we can have drinks together early and all that. john was nice, too! we left rightright after duff because casey was in pain.

ijah and i are going to do our big chore for today: whole foods and trader joes. (groan). never underestimate how EASY it is to go to the grocery store in arizona and oklahoma. big wide streets that lead you straight there, huge parking lots where the only challenge is getting close enough.
i used to drive to whole foods, shop, then drive to tj's in tempe. it was so easy there. i miss that.

apparently there was an earthquake last night while we were driving to the viper room.

*sigh* les isn't around today. she's having a big first day of school. hope she does well.
back to my little life.

i think whatever i need to to keep my little world in order, ya know.


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