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happy birthday [ profile] trixiefirecat and [ profile] mizzytizzy!!!
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happy birthday bryan.
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happy birthday to [ profile] likeahookerg!!!!!

ilu i hope your day is awesome!
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happy birthday to [ profile] the_mule! chris, you are awesome!
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happy birthday [ profile] madcowmartini

i stole a pic from leah's flickr.
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i've said all before, a couple of times, but i love this girl.

us at an art show in 04

from her birthday limo night in 04

memorial day 04

with isaijah in 2000 or maybe 2001?

us at rex's last month

at a davidians show in may 06

last summer in the uplit bathtub

last summer her birthday

okie grrls

i love you, lee lee! happy birthday!!! 29 is an awesome one, i hope you have as much fun as i have had this year and more.


Jan. 31st, 2006 04:55 pm
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this is the year that my contempories and i turn 30. this is a big year.

how do i even begin to write about my best friend? well, i have laid out the groundwork here before. that first one i wrote before i ever found him again.

this year is even more special than years past, because just one year ago things were different. ryan was in his 20s, single, and not quite yet a daddy. now he is 30, married, and has the most beautiful baby girl named madison. i would say this has all been an UPGRADE :)

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bryan turns 30 today.

multi talented. when i first met bryan he played guitar primarily and also drums in marching band. he played trap kit in jazz band. then he joined eight minutes to earth and played bass. that lasted through the mimsies and now he is back to drum kit in the stevenson ranch davidians. he rocks all instruments with equal ease and grace.

i am his willing drum tech.

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you are the person i have known on this earth the longest, with the exception of my parents. this means something profound to me. and it could be that we just know each other in passing and that we are acquaitences. but it's not. you are my sister and my family and i love you. we have shared so many experiences and i am so glad that it has been you with me on this road.

we've come a long way baby!

me and les at age 13 at frontier city, oklahoma city.

me and les, age 28, at the derby in los feliz.

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all hail queen silvers! ashantae, goddess of homemaking, healthy food, and historic archives. our lady of keepin it real and making it count.

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